Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is so Exciting

What a very busy week. The kids have been out of school for Spring Break and so much crafting going on. Gordon finished his quilt top he started last summer. It looks great. I did not take a picture of it because we have yet to quilt it (that should be interesting since he is only 8). He did a wonderful job. I am so proud. Natalie has also been very busy. She is so talented. She finished up two more of her Prim Raggedy Ann dolls. Again, I am so proud. Alice has kept her room clean all week, again I am one very proud mother. Here is a picture of Natalie’s dolls and Gordon’s tomato plant “Billy Bob”.

So I have been battling a huge pimple all week. Yes I said pimple, gross as it may sound, I am blogging about it. In May I will be 39, I am much too old for this. I need to dye my hair for goodness sake. So I have about a half inch of gray hair showing and a huge marble sized pimple on my face. It just doesn't go. So I am not feeling very attractive this week, looking kind of bad.
I did a lot of yard work this weekend. Today I was putting down the ant poison, all who know me, know I am extremely petrified of ants. Don't like them a little bit. Give me snakes, spiders, any other type of bugs (oh except roaches and ticks) and I can handle them. I think it has something to do with living much of my youth in Louisiana, we had ants and roaches no matter how clean things were. So we have this long dried up stream/ditch thing going through part of our back yard and my husband has built a couple little bridges for the kids to go across to play in our woods. Gordon was telling me to make sure I got under the bridge because there are so many ants under it (yes I have raised them to be afraid of ants). So I am coming across the bridge and decide to go up the side of the hill because I see some ant hills there. I don't know what happened but I began to slip and threw my leg out to try to stand on the hill, that leg slid down and the other knee slam into the rocky hill, I twisted somehow and all the ant poison in the spreader fell on my back. It must have look pretty funny, I wish I could have seen it. But I ripped my pants and slashed a deep cut in my knee, twisted all different parts of my body.
I am sore. I showered and tried to scrub the dirt out of the wound but couldn't get it, man was it painful. Gordon doctored me up and I think I will survive, but I believe I will be very sore.
So, as you can see, a very exciting week, well at least day. I am off to do some Birds of Feather cross stitching. Go to their blog, www. They have their first contest. Not much time to finish though. I sure wish I could get on the computer more. Well, off to stitching.

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