Monday, May 11, 2009

The Fabric is Complete!

I have completed the color coordinating of my fabric, everything has been refolded and scraps taken out.  I took out all the large “non-quilting-like” fabrics such as chenille and other things and put them in the kitchen pantry downstairs.  My husband didn’t care much for that idea since I was supposed to keep everything quilting/craft-like in my room.  We have not used the pantry since we have lived here, it has always had craft/fabric stuff in it, so it will remain so.

I emptied one shelf, now the books and magazines I have piled on the floor will go there.  I had all my books and magazines organized at one time (not long ago) but they will need to be redone.  Not now though, I need to get crafty.  So here is the empty shelf. I am so proud!!


Here are the blues, blacks, greens, browns, whites and creams, oh and yellows. I have one shelf on the top that has my flannels, I do not have many of those and the others I mixed in.


  Here are the reds, pinks, peaches, oranges, purples/plums and Japanese novelties.

100_1710 That is all for today. I have two of the three kids home today sick.  I wont be getting much done.  They probably aren’t too sick to go to school, but the new rule with the H1N1 (swine flu) virus they have to stay home if they are sick.  I wish that rule applied to me at work. My poor husband caught my cold, hopefully he wont get the sinus infection also, but he had to go to work also. Poor him!!

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