Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

What a nice day we have had today.  Had a great breakfast and lunch made for me and last night the hubby made dinner for our friends and it was very nice.  Had a big storm come through but it was a great evening.

I was able to do a mini shop hop with my dear friend Jan yesterday.  We picked up my sewing machine from the shop and went to several others and the thrift store.  Oh, we had such fun.

So today, with my sewing machine back, I finished up the Miss Rosie’s Quiet Time Quilt.  Here it is, all I need to do is add a label and its off to the quilt shop for a while to hang.  It was sort of in the shade so the picture is not that great.


I also finished up another red work pillow, same designer drew it as the last one. 

100_1698  I tried taking some pictures of bees today, so I have this constant buzzing going on in my head.  I also took a picture of a gift I received, they opened up real nice today for me.

100_1701If you look close at the flower on the right you can see I also captured a little bug!

Well off to do some more busy things.  By the way, I have finished separating my fabrics, they are not on my shelves just how I want them, I am hoping to finish it up tomorrow.

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