Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Tisket A Taket BOM

I have fallen behind.  The 5th is here and I have not even started stitching on my last block.  I have the fabrics chosen and laid out but nothing has been started.  I need to get busy on this.

I had such plans for the day but they have all been cancelled.  I am sick as a dog.  My throat hurts so bad I can barely swallow.  Poor me.  A good day to rest though, as I am listening to the thunder of an approaching storm or, as usual, a storm going around us.  We finally got some good rain last night maybe we will get a little more today.  I love thunderstorms, the kids hate them unless they are at school.  For some reason they love thunderstorms at school but shiver and hide when they are at home.

I worked hard on my quilt room last night. I was hoping to finish up the fabric today but just can’t seem to muster the energy.  Natalie says I have the “swine flu”, great.  I told her if I did she will probably get it also, she then changed her mind and said it was just a cold.

I think I will just relax and maybe stitch on my Grandmothers Flower Garden, and listen to the thunder.

Hopefully next time I will be a little more upbeat.



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