Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ode To Texas

I forgot to mention.  I had received the new book by Jo Morton a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to make the quilt “Ode To Texas”.hpqscan0001   I had all the fabric for it but not quite enough for the borders and fussy cutting of the stars.  Well a little fabric fairy gave me a gift, I feel very blessed, and now I have the fabric to complete it.  I have worked on it for 3 nights and have the top almost finished, just borders left.100_2081

This is one of those quilts I wanted to do exactly like the picture.  I just think it is so beautiful. I love the colors.  I will not work on it again until the air conditioning is working, the quilt room is always the warmest room in the house and now it is unbearable.  Come on air conditioner man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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