Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The kids are BACK!!

I have not written lately because the computer is upstairs, and it is too hot to work on it.  I will explain why in a minute.

The kids came back from the beach on Friday. They had a blast.  It was a little cool but they still had fun.

100_1898 Good news about Mister Tomato.  He has given us our first tomato and had another one growing.  Gordon is very excited! He says he is going to make a big cheeseburger for it to go on.

100_2055100_2040100_2045 Here is the baby tomato!!

Gordon is really taken to this gardening thing.  He takes such good care of his plants.  Janet gave him some pepper plants a few weeks back and now it has it’s first flower.

100_2050  Gordon has also been busy swallowing pennies. That’s right. Sunday I told him to stop trying to put a penny in his nose. Well later on Alice came up and told me Gordon swallowed the penny.  So we called the Pediatrician and they told us since he wasn’t complaining of any pain to just wait 2-3 days for it to pass. This morning he was complaining that his stomach was hurting bad and I called the peds office again.  They told us to bring him in. On the way they called and said to take him to the ER.

So, to make the story more complicated, our air conditioning is not working.  We have two units on our house and they are both out. They were both freezing up, so we had to turn them off and wait for them to thaw out, this has been since Monday.  Well last night the one upstairs began working without freezing up but it will only keep it around 80 degrees. The one downstairs is still freezing so that one is off.  So I called the air conditioning man today and he said he would be here in a couple hours.  Someone had to be here and someone had to take Gordon.  I really wanted to take him but Bernie said it would be easier for him to take him and afterwards he could go back to work. 

Bernie just called and said they did the x-ray and see the penny,  he said he was scared because he thought the x-ray looked like it was in his lungs but the technician told him it was in his intestines.  Bernie has to wait now because the peds office is closed for lunch.  So we will just wait and worry.  My little Gordie!!  I thought those days were over - worrying about what they put in their mouths.

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