Monday, June 15, 2009

The Kids Are Off!!

Oh how lonely I will be.  The hubby took the kids to the beach this morning.  I am sad but at ease with it.  A couple days to myself.  Do some cleaning, laying around, sewing, turn the music up, whatever.  I do have to work a couple nights but at least I will be able to get sleep for it.

I have already cleaned my car from top to bottom, except the outside.  If you would have seen the inside, oh man, I don’t know, it was bad.  You definitely could not judge my house by my car.  And the food (from the kids) that was in there.  I think it would have been a meal for two people.

I have been crafting a little bit.  I made a stitchery from Mulberry Folk Art’s Book 9. I don’t know if it is still in print.  I got it on sale a couple years ago at  It is a great book from a great designer. I have not seen anything new from her in a while. Here’s the book:

hpqscan0002 Here is the stitchery (I did not realize I cut off the top of the stitchery and hubby has the camera at the beach):

100_1891 I also did a little wool appliqué/stitchery from the Need’l Love Book Old Glory.  Here’s the book, there is some great stuff in here, I have my list ready and I think I am going to make just about everything in it.  I’ve had the book for many years and like all the rest of my patterns it just sits on the shelf beckoning me to make things from it:

hpqscan0001 Here is the pillow.  I decided not to use ribbon and cut wool strips instead, I also did not use a stamp for “America,” I stitched it.

100_1890I really enjoyed making the Uncle Sam hat so I made 3 more to go to the Rusty Bucket.  I hope they are liked as much as I like them or I will have a house full of them:100_1889

Alice and Gordon were a little jealous Natalie got to wear one so they had to pose with them also.  Again, they were not made to wear but they were just being silly.  Alice was afraid her eyes were going to be closed for the picture that is why her eyes look so big (and goofy).

100_1885  100_1882 

Oh, I miss them already, I better get busy so I don’t think about it. Later!!!


Lynn said...

Terrific - love both the pillows. I was just looking at the need'l love book yesterday - debating whether to buy it or not. A few days to yourself - I'm jealous

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Buy it, it is a great book!:)