Monday, June 8, 2009

Some New Items!!

Okay so I took a trip to the Rusty Bucket this afternoon to drop some things off.  I was very excited, Pam’s mom was there and she was such a sweet lady to talk to.  Made me kind of sad though, as I was talking to her I was thinking how much I missed talking to my mother, we didn’t talk often but when you cannot call someone anymore you regret not talking more when you could have.  Enough sad talk, show and tell time.

So, I downloaded a free stitchery pattern from the internet and after stitching it couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to finish it.  I finally decided to make it into a needle case.  I did not use a pattern and was very pleased with the outcome, although it was quite simple.

100_1870100_1871 100_1869I also took in the doll in a bag and the chicken and rooster towels I showed you the other day.

I also did a stitchery out of the book, “Fast, fun & Folky” by Pieces from my Heart, it is an older book  Jan loaned me so I put some of the images together to make this pillow:


I was feeling creative last night, my craft room looks a tornado ran through it.  I pulled most of my patriotic, stars, stripes, types of prints from the shelves and was going to make a doll but then after a little playing decided to make Uncle Sam hats.  So here is the first one, I think it needs a little tweaking but I am pretty pleased with it.  I used Walnut crystals to prim it up and did the glue mixture to stiffen it.


Although it was not made to wear, Natalie wanted to model it.


    I wanted to share with you a mistake I often make with my camera, leaving it within the kids reach. Here are a couple photos Gordon decided to take:


Cocoa Puffs!!! 100_1877

That’s my Alice!!!!!!!!!! 100_1878And with that I am off.  I actually cooked dinner tonight.  I might have to give Bernie a sedative.


Lynn said...

Love the pillow and that needle case is wonderful - no pattern? - clever you!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks Lynn:)

Nancy said...

just discovered your work and it is so beautiful! I adore it.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Nancy!!