Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plant Delights Nursery

We (the kids, Jan and I) went to a local nursery in Raleigh called Plant Delights Nursery ( yesterday. It was so much fun. They have trails going through 5 acres. Small waterfalls and very beautiful and some strange plants. The kids had a good time (for a little while) then they got too hot and tired. But they were very good.   100_2268I have decide it is time to replace my camera. I think I have a great picture and it ends up looking horrible, so most of the pictures are not very good. Any suggestions on digital cameras would be welcome!!!         100_2265 100_2240

Like I said the flowers were beautiful.  They had the trails and then they had large huts where they sold the majority of the plants.  The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.

They also had funny art pieces all around hidden in the plants. Very cute.100_2244

Jan was able to snap a picture of the kids and I under one of the small waterfalls.100_2248

This hosta was so huge. A single leaf was about as tall as I am.  So big and very pretty.









They also test plants out to see if they will grow in the are. This hosta is currently being tested to see if it can survive in the are. It is very rare, I think we were told there are only 4-10 of this species in the world. Wow!!100_2269

My favorite plant by far is the Amorphophallus (Voodoo Lily).  Jan bought me one (Yippee!!!) I got the Amorphophallus kiusianus.100_2237 That is it to the right. I love

look of the stalk.  Alice is posing by the flower of one. Pretty cool. Supposedly the flowers stink pretty bad, so I will put it in the wooded area or our yard.


The colors are just so beautiful.  It almost looks fake when you are looking at them in person.

I am very excited about having one but I am also scared because I don’t want to kill it.

More art!!100_2260

This was a long snake.

Very cool!!

So, we had a blast, I was a sweaty mess by the end but it was so much fun. Gosh, I guess I am getting old, I think going to a garden center is so much fun.  Oh well, had to happen one day and it makes me happy.





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