Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing around!!

I know I just posted but I wanted to make these two posts separate.

I was bored with the usual thing last night so I decided to start playing around with a small quilt.  I am proud of it but it wouldn’t be called an art quilt because I don’t think I am quite at that point yet, but this was my first one.  Problem was I didn’t have a plan.  I just had a small piece of fabric that I had stained with walnut crystals and  when I looked at it, I saw an owl, so that is how it started.  I used eyelash yarn for the tree and lots of other stuff in the quilt.  I also used watercolor pencils for the color.  I quilted “hoo hoo” in glow in the dark thread, it is to the right of the owl under the clouds (yes those are clouds in front of the moon). I am not the best machine quilter either, I am also fairly new at that, so I did break a couple needles in the process. So here it is:

100_2295 I think it is cute.  Everybody in this house loves it so that makes me happy!!

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