Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Rusty Bucket

The Rusty Bucket is a wonderful country/primitive shop in downtown Apex.  I have been selling items there for about two years. I have loved the shop since we moved here from the D.C. area.  In 2007 Country Business Magazine selected The Rusty Bucket Retailer of the Year. Pam and Mack are the owners and the greatest people you will ever meet. When they chose to pick me as their “Featured Artisan” I was spe echless.  What an honor for me, I hope I can continue making items for them and their patrons for years to come.  You can go to their website and at the bottom of the page they have their featured article on me and my little crafters.


So, speaking of little crafters, Alice decided it was time to sell her first doll she made.  I was a tad heartbroken because I was really hoping to keep it but she insisted so I let her take it in (secretly hoping no one would buy her).  I blogged about her a while back, I believe it was New Years Eve when we were making them.  I usually stitch the faces and they do pretty much the rest.  They love making the dolls.  I always trace the design on freezer paper and then iron it onto the fabric so all they have to do is sew along the line. Alice still needs a little help on the machine but I allow them to play around so they get use to it and it is not so difficult for them.  Anyway, the doll sold, but the good news is our friend and realtor (she helped us sell our old house and buy our current home) bought the doll.  I am happy about that, I know she is appreciated in a great home. Much easier for me to deal with.


It has been raining a lot in the Raleigh are but not at our house.  It seems where ever we live our house is covered with a big umbrella. It will rain down the street but not at our house. So, the kids and I were discussing this yesterday as we were driving home in a ‘typhoon’ and Gordon came to the conclusion that if we dug up all the plants and trees in our yard we would probably get rain.  So the 3 of them are set on the idea that we should not plant anything else and it will rain.  I have become quite obsessed with watching the radar hoping it will move this way, but all it does is rain all around us, the storms split and we get nothing except the thunder and lightening that scares the kids to no end.  We have trees that have been here forever that are dying, not to mention the trees we planted.  Everyone around us is out of the drought but this neighborhood is continuing to suffer.  Right now, it is thundering, the kids are freaking out, they have taken to wearing the ear muff things we got them for the Monster Truck shows around the house, well under their respective blankets.  I guess I need to not care and maybe it will rain.  I will keep you posted on the rain, because I know I will not ‘not"’ think about it.

I can't here or see anything!!!

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