Monday, August 3, 2009

Obey The Pool Rules!!

It was amazingly hot and humid today.  After cutting the front yard I was way over heated, so I decided to take the kids to the pool.  We got to the pool and no one was there, the pool is small and when there are a lot of people there it is not much fun so we were very excited.

I decided to be silly and raced to be the first one with my shorts and flip flops off and run into the pool making a big splash.  Well, I learned and the kids learned to always obey the pool rules.

I ran and when I was getting ready to jump scraped my foot on the concrete, I thought it was just a simple, but painful stubbed toe.  No way.  The pain was excruciating, I was trying so hard not to cry, yes I wanted to cry.  The kids were looking at me as I flip flopped in the water so I tried to hold in the pain.  I pulled my foot out of the water and realized not a simple stubbed toe, I had taken off the tip of my big toe and it appeared I possibly sprang it.

So, the medic crew (the kids) came running over to check on me. Natalie decided after looking at it to just swim away and poor Gordon was beside himself. Poor little fellow wouldn’t even get in the pool.  Alice was my hero, she carried me around in the water so my foot wouldn’t get near the pool, she propped it up on the side of the pool while I sat on the step and then, almost simultaneously the three of them said, “The sign says no running at the pool.”  Well, I said, I guess we should always follow the rules, they are there so we don’t get hurt.  Then it started thundering and you know what that means, we were outta there.  So I ruined the pool trip, bad mommy.

My toe hurts terribly bad.  I have it wrapped in gauze and the gauze itself is causing me pain. The hubby thinks I need to go the doctor and get it stitched up but I have no skin to stitch to it, I got rid of that already. Gross I know.  My big toe can finally move now, but is somewhat purple.  My toenail was white, Gordon thinks I will loose it.  I hope he is not right.

I have learned a big lesson today and hopefully taught one also.


Sharon Stewart said...

Poor Jennifer. And you're supposed to be setting an example for those children!!! I feel so bad for you and your poor toe. Hope it gets better soon.

Lynn said...

Ouch - see that's why we don't run on pool decks. You need a lifeguard to blow a whistle at you.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks guys - I definately learned my lesson and also taught the kids one at the same time. I have a strange parenting style!!!