Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stitchery’s, Stitchery’s and more Stitchery’s

I have been stitching up a storm. I have not made the stitchery’s into anything but they are stitched.  And is it stitcheries or stitchery’s? I will ponder that a while.

I just got off work and decided I would go ahead and do an inventory of what I have done so far and what I want to do with them (since the kids will be home later and my crafty brain will have to leave for a while).  I am probably making no sense but give me a break I just off midnights.

So here is what I have:

Okay – this one was too big for the scanner (hubby has the camera) so I had to do it and the next in two parts. They are both from last years Crab-Apple Hill pattern, I think it was Hocuspocusville but I am not sure – too tired to look.  I was working on this at work (yes I know sweet right – it is like double dipping) and a guy who works in another office says he does not care for all the orange, so I added a little black, he is still not sure. Can’t please everyone I guess.hpqscan0007 hpqscan0008

Then we have this one, my favorite I think, it is from the same pattern. I am not doing them into one quilt like the pattern.


Nice – I love that one.

Next is from a free download I found on Flickr. It is from – oh goodness I will have to get back to that. In the Hoop Love Embroidery group somewhere. I had already framed it and like I said I do not have my camera so it did not scan well in the frame. You will have to trust me, it looks awesome.hpqscan0009

Next we have a pattern from – this is awful maybe I should do this later.  I will edit the post with the designer. hpqscan0001

This one is out of the August or September Create and Decorate. I still have to distress it but cute. It had wool on it but again I was at work and no wool with me and was too impatient to wait until I got home to finish it. hpqscan0002

This one is sweet, it is also a free download from where I do not know. I go to way too many sites. It may also be from the Hoop Love Embroidery Group on Flickr. hpqscan0003

And finally this one I think I am going to color with the pencils. It is sort of blah to me, not what I was hoping for.hpqscan0004So, that is all for now, I traced out a ton more on fabric yesterday when I got off work so there will be more to come.

I may go to sleep now, but then again it is nice and quiet in the house and it wont be for much longer.

By the way, Gordon caught 6 fish and a clam (I didn’t know there were clams in the Chesapeake Bay, maybe he meant crab).  I am so excited for him!  Gordon the fisherman!!! (I know the commercial is Gorton the fisherman, but I have always sang that to him since he was a baby.  For those who don’t know Gorton a brand of fish sticks and such.

Okay I am rambling, have a super great day!!!!!!!!


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