Sunday, August 16, 2009

They are Back!!!!

Well, the kids made it home safe and happy. Arguing as soon as they made it in the house. Ahhh, so nice.  But that didn’t last long they crashed pretty hard.  I thought I would sneak in a post of some of the pictures they brought home.  A little tour of Solomon’s Island, MD.  Bernie’s Dad and his wife live there and took them to a museum and an art park. I wish I could have gone.  The boating I could have done without, the kids are saying they still feel like they are rocking back and forth.  My stomach couldn’t take all that.  So here are some pictures.

First I have to show you Bernie's’ Dad’s workroom, if only I could be this organized.  I am very impressed but didn’t expect anything else.  His old house had a garage where you could eat on the floor.100_2368

Next the fishing trip.








This has to be the ugliest fish I have ever seen:







Here is the light house that apparently sits in the water. Apparently they moved it here, it was built I believe in the 1800’s and was used during that time. I am unsure where it was moved from. Bernie was giving me my history lesson but I am not a very good sponge.  Alice says she wants to live in it.

This is the bedroom part you know I like this. The doll is very cute and what a pretty quilt.  I could live here.100_2396








From here they went to this art park or some type of walking art trail. Sounds really cool.  Along the way, apparently they had an artist paint different areas on the trees. Bernie said you had to really look around to see them because the painted trees were scattered all around.  This one is pretty cool looking.


This is a stage and seating are for shows and such:


Alice is not mad in this shot, she apparently is posing as a “cool girl".100_2431

A little art:100_2433

This is a boat that is from the 1800’s, it was made with two trees joined together. Cozy!100_2422











Alice’s future home!

And of course, Bernie knew I would like this. This is a sewing machine that they used to make the sails for the boats:100_2426

100_2427      100_2406100_2412

Well that was the trip, I am sorry I missed it. Maybe next time.

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