Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thank you Hurricane Bill - I asked for it!!!!

So I prayed and prayed for rain. Well, thanks to Hurricane Bill we have rain, and I mean rain. It has down poured all day long.  I had just weeded the new garden Jan and I made this morning when I got home from work.  I will show how beautiful the garden was this morning.


100_2489   100_2488

That was this morning. As you can see from the two pictures on the bottom it was a little humid outside.

I was awaken by thunder and rain this afternoon after sleeping for a couple hours. Hubby was downstairs with the kids while they freaked out over the rain and thunder. When I came downstairs the kids kept saying you don’t want to see your garden. Well it was bad but not nearly as bad as it looks now. It has rained extremely hard for the last 7 hours. We have a two rivers running through our yard, one in the ditch in the front and the other comes along side of the house.

I am quite concerned because a couple years ago when we had another hurricane hug the coast we lost a lot of plants and a couple trees from them drowning in all the water.

So here are some now pictures. Bear in mind the camera actually picked up the rain drops in a couple and some are rather blurry but you will get the idea.


I will take more “Thank you Hurricane Bill” photos tomorrow when he clears out.

We did make a magnificent discovery tonight. We found a moose in our chicken patties:


I wanted to share this photo of Alice doing the splits. She is getting very good at gymnastics which is no surprise to us.


Well, that is all for now. I am a little sad. Half the plants are uprooted at this point and I will have to replant them again. But I did ask for the rain.



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