Sunday, August 23, 2009

After the Storm!

Well, what a stormy day and night it was yesterday. We survived. The garden is hanging on by its roots, as you can see.


100_2659 100_2660 I know you must be tired of these pictures already. I am so sad. So much work to be done.

So I discovered in the back yard a little more of Bill’s wrath.  One of the trees in our backyard was dying from last years drought, well it had died, but with all the moisture it couldn’t stand any longer. Thankfully, there are two large trees on either side of where it fell keeping it from hitting the house on one side and possibly going towards the swing set on the other.

  100_2656 100_2657

So, in the end I have learned my lesson, when I ask for rain, I will be a little more specific on how much I would like.

New Stitcheries

I completed a few more stitcheries.  Many are from Bird In the Hand Primitives and others I downloaded from the Flickr group Hoop Love Vintage Transfers.

The owl is for Natalie’s school bag. She does not like using a backpack so I am making her a tote type bag.hpqscan0001 hpqscan0006hpqscan0002 hpqscan0003 hpqscan0004 hpqscan0005

All for now. Have a great day!!!

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