Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Nostalgia Block 2

Sweet Nostalgia Block 2
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I finished up block two of Dorothy Baker Designs free block of the month. I decided to go ahead and put the borders on. I love the palette I chose. The original fabrics I chose for it did not work once I saw them with it, so I spent the last day and a half looking through fabrics and then realized that the fabrics I chose for another stitchery quilt went wonderfully. When the time comes to do that one I will have to pick again. I really love this quilt!

Here is Block 1 with the borders!

The picture is a little blurry.


SewAmy said...

these are great. I love them.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks Amy!!!!

Lynn said...

They've turned out so sweetly - very nostalgic looking.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks Lynn!! :)