Sunday, November 29, 2009

Antique Quilt

So my father-in-law and his wife received the appraisal on the antique quilt.  It did not make them very happy. They were hoping it would have been appraised for more.image Here are some of the notes from the appraisal:

Date Made: 1st quarter 19th century to 1830

Size: 96 1/4” X 98”

Pattern: Flying Gees Square-In-A-Square with Stuffed Work

Predominant colors: Brown, Indigo, green, red

Fabric: Cotton Prints, chintz, wood print blocks, solid muslin

Quilting was very good and included more than one quilter. Very good overall construction with excellent stuffed work. Condition is fair with acidic storage stains and 3 small holes.

That was some of the basic detail of the report. She appraised it at mere $850.00, yikes, I am not sure I agree with that after seeing it in person. The full photo I received from them is not the best quality but at least I can see the entire pattern now.

She is going to donate it to the  DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) so it will stay in Maryland. She decided not to donate it to the Smithsonian because it would just be boxed.

Let me be honest, I am a little hurt it was not offered to me.  Especially since it holds no importance to them and it is not in her mind a family heirloom but I will get over it since I never had a chance to really have it. What we never had cannot be missed!!


Lynn said...

The idea of offering it to you would have been nice, you would have loved it and cherished it and passed it on down. You could have made a beautiful replica for them. Any idea who made it. She (they) maybe wouldn't want their quilt going to the stuffy dar?

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

The label on the back only says who received it and the maker was only listed by first name.