Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A tragic day for Baby Tiger!

On a small highway in North Carolina this was the scene on this 1st day of December 2009 at approximately 3:05 pm EST.


On the way home from picking the kids up at school, a terrible thing happened. The car windows were down and the wind blew Baby Tiger out of the car. “She flew through the air and got hit by an SUV,” says witness Gordon. Screams were heard inside the car. A fast thinking Mom, turned the car around and they located Baby Tiger on the roadway. Traffic was heavy, polite drivers were few, but Mom was able to retrieve Baby Tiger before she was hit again. Upon reaching the car, Mom realized Baby Tiger had lost an eye. She fought the traffic and with her mighty eye sight she was able to locate the lost eye rolling in the busy roadway.064

The family rushed Baby Tiger home to their Trauma Center located in Mom’s sewing room. With glue gun in hand and Baby Tiger adequately sedated, Mom carefully repaired Baby Tigers eye.  She will now wear a patch for a day or so, or for however long Alice will leave it on, but she is fine.  She will probably keep the tire track across her belly and nose but she is still the sweetest Baby Tiger we know.066

We Love you Baby Tiger!!!031


Lynn said...

You are lucky you didn't get hit yourself (said in my best mother stern voice). And then you went back for the eye!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I know I am crazy, but anything for my little ones!!