Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have some new Christmas items made. I am so far behind, especially since I am doing the Farmers Market Craft Show this year.  But here is what I have so far.

Of course I did my Elf Shoes again, the pattern is from Country Whims:

I did 2 Regular Size

100_2990 And 4 medium Size:


And 4 Minis  - I adjusted the pattern and these little guys are about 3 inches long. They are so cute!!100_2970

I did a couple wall pockets. The stitchery is from Primitive Stitches. (

 100_2964 100_2968


These next three I love. I used the pattern by Donna Veal of Moonchild Primitives. They are so cute!

 100_2974100_2972100_2960  100_2977

I found this little dolly body laying around waiting to be dressed up for Christmas.  She is supposed to have that Christmas morning look.100_2979 And what is Christmas without a snowman and his little red cardinal?100_2983

Then I have these three little fellas. The middle one is adapted from a pattern from Chestnut Junction, well all are actually but they have been changed quite a bit. I thought I should give her credit since the idea came from her. She has great stuff!!100_2962And you know I could not do up some Christmas things without embroidery and embroidery pillows:     

These two are stitchery's from Crab-Apple Hill Studios:100_2992 100_2993

And last but not least another stitchery patterns from Primitive Stitches:100_2995

I have not been in a crafting mood lately so last night I had to finish all this up – I stayed up until about 4:30am. I am pooped. Kids are off to school and I think I need to get a little shut eye! Work tonight!!

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