Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angel Swap

Okay I am a little bummed. This was the first time I participated in a swap and it did not go so smoothly.  I was conversing with my Secret Angel for some time, we were emailing back and forth and then something bad happened to her and she was taking a vacation and she was also moving.  I haven’t heard from her since September. I have sent her several messages but no response. So I let her know I did not want to send her package, because she overseas, until I knew she was 1. At her same house and 2. She was back from vacation. So that is my dilemma with the Angel I was assigned.

Then their is my Secret Angel, who is still a secret to me because I have never been contacted by her.  I am so sad. I was really excited about this and for this to be the ending I am a little bummed.

Anyway, I do thank Helen Stubbings for hosting it, there were some cute projects and I did learn a lot about another country that I did not know before from my Secret Angel.


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