Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We sure did. The kids and I went trick-or-treating and the hubby gave out the candy.  I even dressed up this year.  I believe I was a middle-aged fat punk rocker groupie, something like that.  Here are the girls and I, Gordon did not like my outfit so he would not stand by me until I washed the eye makeup off.100_2942 Here are the kids ready to go. Natalie was suppose to be a Goth Cheerleader but she didn’t like anything I was pulling from around the house for her.


As we were walking down a driveway a cat ran by and then this big fat grey rat came running at us. It stopped in front of me and then ran across my boot. I thought it was someone's pet because it was looking up at me like it wanted to be held, but I think it was just spooked. I believe it was the cats play toy until we scared the cat. Very Halloween I thought.

So we have lots of candy and had a great time!

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