Monday, December 7, 2009

Angel Swap Finally Mailed

So I finally mailed the package to my Angel, for the Hugs from Helen Stitcher’s  Angel Swap. There was a combination of reasons it was late, I mentioned one of them to you before than came the real big reason, MONEY. Yes money, the root of all evil. Money can’t buy you love, but it can pay for postage. My Angel is a wonderful young lady in Germany. We communicated a lot and got to know each other pretty well. I hope she will be happy with the package. Can you believe I did not take a picture of what I included, shame on me. I have shown you the pillow before:082 I also sent her a tiny pair of elf boots, valdani thread, a charm pack, 2 quilting books and I think that was it, I think, man I should have taken pictures.  Anyway everything had the same color scheme as the pillow because she likes those colors. I hope she loves them.

So this postage thing is ridiculous and unfortunately because of it, I will not be involved in any more swaps. Which is unfortunate but right now having the necessities for the house is much more important.

Speaking of money – time to go make some – off to work for me!!

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