Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Alice!!!!

My little girl is 7! I cannot believe it has been seven years since I waddled in to give birth to this precious little girl. I was freaking out because she was jaundice and we had to stay at the hospital for a couple weeks and then keep her on a light wrap at home for three months. She was a good baby, always headstrong from day one.Dec 2002 Alice 001

Alice Apr 30 2003 001DSCF0044 

Always into some type of mischief, but doing it oh so sweetly:

AliBearEven when she was raiding the panty drawer:


My little Devil!!     DSCF0001 (12) 

Always smiling:  DSCF0025 (5) DSCF0006 (7) DSCF0081  

She has had a great year. No emergency room visits this year. I am proud!!!

She is my peacemaker. At school, at home, anywhere, she always tries to have everyone get along and fix problems when they arise. She is a smart cookie also, does fabulous in school. But do not get on her mad, oh goodness, she will let you know. Strong willed, use to drive me crazy.  She is my Mini-Me. And I am scared of her teenage years. She is going to be something. For now I will enjoy my little Ali-Bear and not think of the those years, you never know she could surprise me, she always does!!!

I need to get moving, I am picking her up early from school so we can do lunch and hang out!!!

Happy Birthday Ali-Bear – I love you baby!!!


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