Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Problems and Health Insurance

I had a report that my blog was not coming up on some computers so I took the background off thinking that may be the problem. I should have left it alone, now I have been up for an hour when I should have been sleeping for work.  I am like that, when something needs fixin’ - I want to fix it NOW. I think I am going to stop though because I will be regretting it at about three tomorrow morning.

The kids are so excited because weather reports possibility of snow. Oh goody, I don’t think they have clothes to wear if it snows. Lots of layers and lots of laundry I guess.

I was supposed to be getting an MRI to find out if I have a pinched nerve in my back but my insurance company denied the MRI. So nice to pay so much money every month for nothing. They have been denying us a lot lately. AETNA I hate you, can I say that or is that defacing/degrading or something silly like that.  Anyway, with my husbands job we have to change insurance companies next month anyway, going back to Blue Cross, they sucked also. Since my husband is a Postmaster with the Post Office we have Federal Postal Health Insurance, which really sucks (how many times have I used that word). They will not cover anything that has to do with your back and barely cover anything else. I guess it could be worse and we could have no insurance but then again, we wouldn’t be putting out a thousand dollars a month for nothing either. Oh health insurance, once was a good idea but now it just SUCKS!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I am mad) I am going to walk away from the computer now, I can’t afford to get any more fired up!!


(Not my cat or house but that is how I am feeling right now)

On that note, have a super evening and may all your crafting come without injury, because if you (I just had to erase a very long ramble- sorry).

Walking away!!


Lynn said...

No snow, okay , no snow, just keep repeating this over and over. My kids are older and it may interfere with their plans (16th bday party) - plus I don't want #1 driving home from ECU in the bad weather. So we are on the no snow team this time. Sorry about your health insurance problems. I just finished paying off a 23 year old bill from an oral surgery bill that wasn't covered on my insurance at the time. I was in college and while the emergency surgery I had to have done was covered the surgeons bill was not!! I paid $25.00 a month for 23 years! Unbelievable. I still get mad when I think about it.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I hope your party goes well, darn mother nature! I like that 23 years, wow, nice when you can make them take it on your terms!

prashant said...

! Unbelievable. I just finished paying off a 23 year old bill from an oral surgery bill that wasn't covered on my insurance at the time.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

That's amazing, I wonder how many stories are out there like that!