Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Natalie has almost finished up her poetry project. Her topic was Hope. She did such a fantastic job reviewing the poems. It is unbelievable how much she has matured.  She wrote one of the poems herself. I absolutely love it and I am so proud of her. The poems she used were "Hope" is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson, Bird Of Hope by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, A Rainbow of Hope by Raymond A. Foss, What is hope.... by Vineet Bansal, Hope by Melvin T, Daffodils by William Wordsworth, Hope by Sri Chinmoy, What Hope Is By Michael Carlson, Begin Again by Susan Coolidge and finally her poem:

What Hope Is To Me

Hope is the stars at night

Hope is the thing that turns darkness into light

Hope is friends that stay together

Hope is love that lasts forever

Hope is still pure when we do bad on the charts

Hope is the happiness in our hearts

Hope is the thing that puts a smile on your face

Hope is the thing that has an equal pace

Hope is the real beauty in you

Hope is the thing that makes cows go moo!

by Natalie Helms January 2010

I love the ending, it is so us. We can be serious but only to a point. I say “we” because the whole family has that same trait. I am not sure if it is a good trait or not but it works for us.

Happy Australia Day!!!!


I hope my Australian friends have a great and thankful Australia Day!!

And speaking of Australia, when I got home from work this morning I was on a mission. A new block of the month to plan. Under the sea buttonLots of cutting":

planning 007

I went through tons of blue fabrics to find the right ones to start the new free BOM by  Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs “Under the Sea”. I came up with these fabrics. Each background will be a different fabric. I like the three fabrics underneath with them but since I don’t know what the finished quilt will look like I will have to wait to see if I can use them.planning 002So then it was to the embroidery floss. I grabbed only four of the many cases of embroidery floss I have, I needed some sort of limit. I picked out some DMC, then went with some COSMO and right now as it stands I have a mixture of the two. planning 003I also pulled a bunch of my bright fabrics to work on some of the projects I pulled from the magazines I was telling you about. I drew out a ton of patterns from about 6 magazines and have them ready to start - I just need to pick from the fabric.  I decided to make it a little simpler I was going to just pull a bunch of fabric I liked together and make things until I use it all.planning 005I know it seems like I have been hiding lately but I am still around. I have just been working  so much I can only spend a couple minutes in my craft room everyday. I go in there like a tornado with all these ideas in my head and have to get things together as they pop up! Craziness!!!!

My friend Sharon Stewart of Liberty Rose Patterns has a new block of the month. It’s the infamous “girls” as we all call them – they are wonderful!!! Here is a sneak peek, I know you cannot see much of it but if you go to her blog www.LibertyRosePatterns.blogspot.com you can see more!!

calendargirls 001 Another day has passed and it seems I have forgotten to go to bed. I need to get ready to go get the kids from school. Have a great day and have fun stitching, quilting or whatever makes you happy!!!



Ray Foss said...

Hi - I'm Ray Foss, who wrote, A Rainbow of Hope (one of my 5,600+ poems at Poetry Where You Live http://www.raymondafoss.blogspot.com), one of the poems used in this project. Would love to see the review. What a lovely poem she wrote. Keep up the good work. Ray

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Mr. Foss, Natalie is going to be so excited when she reads this - you have made a little girls day - and her mom's also. Thank you. Your poetry is wonderful and a joy to read.