Friday, January 22, 2010

Look what I got!!!

I received a couple magazines I had ordered in the mail. I am so excited.001 They are the Stuffed Summer 2009 and Winter 2009 issues. They have the cutest little dolls in them.  I was going to include pictures from the magazine but then you wouldn’t want to get your own!! They are awesome!

Have not been crafting much lately. This working 40+ hours a week puts a toll on my old body and mind. I will be 40 this year, wow that is cool. I miss my sewing and stitching. I have not even been stitching at work.  I got off this morning and hoped I was going to be able to sleep but the kids are out of school for a “teacher workday” so that did not happen.  I had so many plans for today and tomorrow since they are my only days off but now that it is here I don’t feel like doing any of them.

Let’s see my chore list is something like this:

1. Clean the house from top to bottom, you cannot move the blinds without getting a face dusting. This is bad. There were days when one could run a white gloved finger along those things and it would come out clean – I would suggest not doing this unless you are looking for some “primmed-up” gloves.

2. Wash the Chihuahua’s Thelma and Louise. They stink like dogs. I guess my excuse for not doing it could be that they are dogs so why not let them stink like dogs.

3. Collect Alice’s room from around the house. Yes my little Alice, she is the only one who did not catch my “OCD Cleanliness Gene”, this may be because by the time she was born I was losing it, the gene I mean. We have “Littlest Pet Shop” villages in every room of the house, I feel like they are moving us out.

4. Clean up the craft/quilt room. I started on this one. I did vacuum and pick up the large pieces of fabric I had thrown around. I cannot work in a messy room.

5. Grocery store, pharmacy, pet store (dogs and guinea pigs need to eat too). Alice has a $3 coupon for Toys R’ Us she wants to use – that will not go very far in that store. I don’t care for it very much, way too over priced.

6. Natalie has a project due on Monday that we will probably work on all day tomorrow. She has to do a report (for lack of a better word) on 10 poems. The subject is “Hope”, must include bibliography page, be longer than 10 lines, a paragraph on why each one was chosen, a picture for each poem chosen, and a ton of other stuff. It was assigned last week but she has spent every night working on her science fair project (which turned out wonderful – she did it one the storm surge of Hurricanes – Daddy helped her with that one so I get this one).  We wanted so much for her to be in the gifted class so she would not be bored, well she is not bored.

I on the other hand struggled in school, it was very frustrating for me, major concentration issues (now you can understand the pharmacy visit :) She gets the smarts from the hubby. I thought maybe I would learn things while my children did that I didn’t get then. Not happening!!!

7. Work out. I finally started to work out and I did not yesterday so today it needs to happen. Enough talk about that one.

I was hoping typing this out would help me to get my mind organized and ready to get moving but my Stuffed magazines are sitting here beckoning me to make some of those cute little critters. There is one by Michelle Renee Bernard ( called “Little Me” that is calling my name. I have so many thrifted sweaters and the like that would look so cute on her.

I do believe my ADD is shining through on this post. Hopefully, I will be able to get some of the things done. I have learned I am not super woman, nor will I ever be.  I have also  learned not to stress about these things, which is probably part of the problem. Maybe I need to stress a little so it will get done!


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michelle renee bernard said...

I like the unlisted option of listening to the beckoning calls from your Stuffed Magazines! Glad you like my Little Me!