Thursday, January 7, 2010

It has been a long time!

Alice the bride
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It has been a long time since I have blogged. I am very disappointed with myself. As you can see we had a wedding, just kidding!! The kids had fun one day trying on my wedding dress. Funny, even Gordon got in on it. They all looked gorgeous. They decided they wanted me to try it on, I did not want to

See, the hubby and I eloped, we were buying a house and were using my VA from the military and had to be married to use it, so we decided it wouldn't hurt if we just eloped and didn't tell anyone. Well all was good until I became pregnant with Natalie, and the hubbys family said no way, you have to be married in the Catholic Church before that baby comes.

So the kids did not know I was about 5-6 months pregnant when I wore this dress. I did not want to try it on because what if it was too small, oh scary. But they insisted, and I cannot refuse those 3 adorable faces. I tried it on. They were all excited, yelling "Mommy you can still wear it." I looked like I could be walking down the isle in it, it fit perfectly.

I wanted to cry, I am the same size I was when I was 6 months pregnant! Okay so this is not a New Years resolution, this needs to be done. I have a closet full of size 4 pants/jeans I cannot wear. I probably wont see those again but at least I want to fit in my big girl jeans.

I have decided to make some changes, which is going to be hard - here come the excuses . I will begin working out again. Should not be difficult right? Well I barely have time to sleep as it is now so I am going to have to get creative. I will let you know if any work. I do not like talking about loosing weight or getting in shape. Everyone always talks about it, it is boring in my opinion, so this will be all I say on the matter, except for maybe some updates, like whether I just went out and bought more clothes. Maybe I should just cut the dress up and put it in a quilt, that is my plan for it anyway, maybe being able to still fit in it will be my motivation to start the quilt!! heehee

UPDATE: Well the other two are jealous (I, on the other hand am not so I will leave mine out) they didn’t get their pictures posted so here they are:

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