Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Love Pigs!!

Anyone who knows our family well knows we love pigs! So I played around and made Alice and Gordon some pigs to love. After they received them, Gordon decided his needed a sister. I made his sister (putting on the wrong color legs, of course) and Alice decided hers also needed a sister. I  made a bunny but she wasn’t as accepted as the pigs. Here they are:  Things I Made 004 Things I Made 003







Things I Made 007 I also made two handbags using the Indygo Junction pattern “The Crestwood.”001

I made them last week, I worked in my sewing room from 6pm to 6am. I was trying to finish the one up for my friend Janet but I never finished. I just need to sew the top band to the bottom and it is done. But I am bummed. I do not like the bags. Too frilly or something, I don’t know. I also need to sew the handles to the top band of mine. I used all black and gold Jo Morton fabrics for Janets. I did not take a picture of it yet but here is mine.Things I Made 008

Since Saturday is my only full day off from work for a while we had a nice family day. We got the Wii Fit Plus today and I am excited about trying it out. The kids are doing it right now so I will have to wait my turn. For now, I am back to the sewing room. I think I am going to work on some Valentine’s Day things. Have a great night!

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