Monday, January 11, 2010


Pablo's Bath
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I am using a picture Natalie took of our little Pablo getting a bath because I am bored at work (thats a funny one, eh?). I forgot my sewing - it's 4:20 in the morning and the mad rush of phone calls stopped about 2am, I am waiting for the 5 o'clockers to start calling soon. So yes, I am bored right now.

Anyway, I browsing the internet, only those trusted sites my employer allows of course, when I come across some fabric that has a price that just blows my mind.

In the search engine I type in "sale fabric. See, I have so much fabric I have vowed not to buy anymore unless it is 5 bucks or under, so I am only looking at the sale stuff. This particular fabric is listed "on sale" not just "for sale", so the seller is trying to say this is a cheaper price than what it was.

I am not going to disclose the fabric or designer or seller, mainly because I do not want the hoards of sewers, which apparently there are, looking for this fabric to come after me for the informtation I have.
Lord knows I could use the money I would charge them for the information though.

Okay so anyway I will tell you. This fabric was $39.00 for a yard of cotton fabric. That is correct I said thirty nine dollars. What? Come again? Is someone smoking crack before they are listing or looking for fabric?

Am I being too harsh? I like fabric, no, I love fabric. I have paid a pretty penny for some Japanese Daiwabo or import fabric before, but this is insane. It is like the Beanie Baby or Web Kinz craze. Except for one thing, Beanie Babies and Web Kinz, you can keep those. The fabric, unless you are making something for yourself, it is history, so long, farewell, it is gone. And how hard would it be to cut into that stuff, I have trouble cutting in to my pretty fabric anyway, it kills me. I cannot imagine trying to cut into that. I would have to get my husband, no that would be a bad idea, I would have to get my kids to cut it for me, but then I would be too scared they would mess up. I would have to hire another quilter, who I know is a great cutter to come over and cut it for me. Which would then even raise the price of the fabric more and I would have to hope she didn't want any of the fabric herself. Oh man, this is getting difficult.

I don't know maybe I am getting "old minded," maybe it is important to have that piece of fabric that everyone else wants but can't get. At this point in my life I would definately go with a maybe not, or maybe I can get just a fat 1/8?


Story Quilt said...

Hello, Jennifer,

Well well, i believe when we are into quilting world, fabrics are like diamond to us. Like when I leave shanghai for my home, I will be so worry about my fabrics being stolen by someone, strange isn't it ?

RIght now I have an improvement, I am more daring to cut out pretty fabrics, unlike before where I tend to keep them for no reason. I have to clear my old fabrics now, to make them into something beautiful and useful :p

So don't worry, soon you will know how to utilise your fabrics

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

So true. Thank you for visiting. Your work is amazing!!!