Saturday, January 30, 2010

We got Snow!!!

We finally got snow. It started last night!001

This was this morning:020

The kids were up early this morning. Alice was the first one out!009

Followed by Gordon!016

Natalie couldn’t join the fun – she has caught my cold!028

Alice and Gordon had a blast.  When I got up this morning at 5am or so (my cold got me up early) it had begun sleeting. It has been sleeting all day, no more snow. But they made the best of it.017

But we did not just have fun – we also had an injury. Alice came in to tell me she hit herself in the head with a broom and after tending to that she turn around to go back out. She is wearing boots that are a little too big for her so she tripped on the steps. Before I could catch her she went head first rolling down the stairs. Gordon is screaming, I am flying down the stairs at super speed and Alice isn’t moving. She is laying at the bottom of the garage stairs in a ball on the concrete floor. I am freaking out, Gordon is still screaming, the dogs are barking, I swoop Alice up and she is laughing, “I’m not hurt, I’m not hurt!”. Then the pain sets in and she realizes she is hurt. Luckily the snow hat, and her coat hat protected her head, but  her knees were not so lucky. She now has purple knees.

023She rested for a bit, only so I could keep an eye on her, and then she was right back out the door to play some more.

I  have been off since Thursday morning. I have really enjoyed the break. If only I wasn’t sick I think I would have enjoyed it more. I actually was able to get into the quilt room and make a table runner. I cannot show the picture because it is for my Tea Buddy from a Flickr group I belong to. I will show a little piece of it. It was done in brights, which I typically don’t do, but I actually love it. My husband actually loves it too, I am dreading telling him it is not for us.


Well I’m off  - have a great day and enjoy the snow, sleet, or sunshine if you have it!


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