Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flea Market

What fun we had yesterday at the Flea Market downtown. It was a beautiful day, a little cool at first but the sun came out and it was awesome. Perfect treasure hunting weather. It was packed – everyone had the same idea – including this little fellow who was riding in style:021Natalie was our photographer during the outing. She took a ton of pictures.  They had a Ford car show going on. Gordon was able to get his fix on cars. Do you like Gordon’s pants, we cannot tear them away – they are like 4 inches too short, he doesn’t care, and the shirt, don’t get me started, I will just say it gets washed about 4 times a week.020They even had an old North Carolina Highway Patrol Car. Gordon loved it:023Gordon was also in bottle heaven. He collects old glass bottles and couldn't get enough of them. He is very selective, which is a good thing. He really wanted these  little tiny blue ones:010They were over $150 a piece. We didn’t get them.

Alice and Gordon also found these sewing machines. They had great prices on them, I am not sure if they worked or not, they looked to be in great shape.

011A strange thing happened while we were there. Everywhere you looked there was some type of naked statue or item. What was funny was they were all at different tables except a few.  Natalie set about taking photos of them all, here is just a sampling:013017018019I think my favorite is the salt and pepper shakers – what were they thinking?

My kids had a blast, Natalie only because she could take pictures and she found a zillion glass ball weights. She collects the round ones. She doesn’t really like the “treasure hunting” thing.014 Gordon on the other hand would stay out there all day – picking through boxes. He loves looking at all the different treasures.     016

I had Natalie take a picture of this guy – I thought he was pretty cool:015We had a great time. We walked around for a little over 3 hours. We were all pretty happy to sit when we got to the car.

Here are all the treasures we got:Flea Market

Log Cabin Quilt

I began working on a log cabin quilt last night and thought I had the colors all picked out. But as I was laying them out to sew together I didn’t feel there was enough contrast or something. Something was not right. But then I looked at them and thought I liked them but the colors were not like a traditional log cabin – or at least what I thought of as a traditional log cabin. My question to all you quilters is – in your opinion does a log cabin block have to have the darks on one side and lights on the other or does it matter. Can they be all jumbled up?? I like them all jumbled up but do they look funny?


The block on the left is all messed up – I didn’t pin and realized I am not that good that I cannot pin!!

Okay off to sleep for me, work tonight. My last week of 4 nights – yippeee!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Have a great day!!

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