Monday, February 22, 2010

Redwork Block 4

Redwork Block 4
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I can't remember now if I decided to do 12 blocks or 9 for my redwork quilt. I just got home from work and believe I am too tired to think.

I have decided to do something I didn't think I wanted to do. My friend has been telling me I should sell some of my stash that I don't use, and I keep saying "No, I may use it someday." I have all this pretty fabric, quiltshop fabric, not cheapy stuff, you have seen the pictures, if not take a look at my quilt room pictures on my Flickr page and you can see it. The pictures don't even show it all. It is ridiculous. I will never use it all. So, I think I am going to have a "spring cleaning" of my quilt room, including fabric, patterns, everything. I feel the need to clean, I feel so overwhelmed by it all. Maybe it has something to do with working all these hours, I am not sure, but I NEED to pare down. I haven't planned it out, I know I wont be giving it away, no freebies - at least I don't think, I am not made of money, heck some of it is probably not even paid for yet. I keep thinking there has to be some in there I don't really like anymore and I use to binge purchase so there is probably some I never really liked in the first place. I will keep you posted, so keep a lookout.

Have a great day!!!

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