Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liberty Rose Block 1

Liberty Rose Block 1
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I finished up the first block from my friend Sharon's (Liberty Rose Patterns) block of the month "Calendar Girls". I colored the block with colored pencils and decided I put too much color in it. I may do this one over. I have started the February block and I am much happier with how I shaded it. Once I have them all finished I will decide.
Today is not starting off well. I got home from work this morning and my husband was pulling out of the garage to take the kids to school and we noticed he had a flat tire. So I took the kids to school and when I got home he took my car with his flat tire to work with him. It is a busy day today since Gordon has gymnastics and I have to go to work again, and I have a staff meeting before work. Oh me, what a day. Off to bed for me!!

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