Friday, February 12, 2010

Today is a better day…

Alice is feeling a bit better today. She slept last night and I am trying to get her to eat a little, but she is complaining her stomach hurts too bad.  She did eat a little crackers, but she is drinking well so she is on the mend.  Now the rest of the family anxiously awaits the next victim!!

Yesterday I received my packages from my “Tea/Coffee Buddy” from the Flickr group I belong to. Becky is my buddy, and oh what a great buddy she is. The goodies she sent me are beautiful. She is a very talented lady. Take a look:003 She spoiled me – Thank you Becky!!! Her package had not arrived as of yesterday, she lives in an area that just got pounded by snow so she couldn’t make it to her mailbox. I am so anxious for her to get it, I think I might tell her to slap some skis on!!!

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