Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Day & It’s only 4:30

Today has been such a busy day. I got off work this morning came home and started picking out fabrics for Alice’s Gary quilt. I got pretty far.


Then my friend Janet came over and brought me this:

016 Can you believe it!?!?! I am so excited. We are always sharing our stashes with each other, it is so much fun. Pretty soon we will have all the same fabric.   I think we should just put it all in one place – less cutting – and I would be happy to volunteer my quilt room for stash storage – hehe.  I am so spoiled!

Yesterday my package from Crab-Apple Hill came. I got some embroidery needles, some pretty trim, and two spools of the 2-strand Cosmo in the color I need for my redwork quilt.  It came so fast, it was 2 days after I made the order that it got here. Awesome!!017

The kids also had a great mail day. Santa was supposed to bring Alice and Gordon Pillow Pets but he ran out, so we told them we would get them when we could. They were not supposed to come until Monday  - it was a nice surprise for them.007


Natalie is happy because she finally got her allowance – big payday for her, and she loves that green!

With that I am off. I cannot decide if I should just go to bed or work on Gary. Our plans are to go get Alice’s ears pierced tomorrow and get sushi – Swwweeeeet! So I should probably rest up (especially since it is still raining – perfect for sleep).

Have a great weekend and have fun sewing, quilting, stitching, crafting and oh yeah, watching the Super Bowl!


SewAmy said...

love the Gary quilt. Are you going to do more blocks? or is it going to be a mini?

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Amy - I put 3" squares around it, I had bigger plans but the recipient is a little impatient.