Monday, March 8, 2010


Went to pick up the kids today at about 2:30. The carpool line starts at around 1:50pm, which is strange since school does not let out until 2:45pm. People get there really early, I don’t mind, I have a moment to sit and stitch and relax. Our school has a strange set up, there are two ways into the school but you are only supposed to come in the back way for carpool in the afternoon. I believe they do this for safety reasons because there is an active train track coming from the front. Anyway, memos go home all the time telling us to follow the rules and still a lot of times one of the teachers has to stand at a stop sign and tell those people coming from the front they cannot come in that way. Well today some knuckleheads had made their own line coming in from the front way. I typically do not let them in because it is not “fair” that we have to wait 40 minutes to an hour and they just pull right up in the line without waiting at all. The lady in front of me let one person in and the guy behind her sped his way up so I could not go. I am not going to have a road rage incident from this so I give my horn a light tap and tell the guy (it’s a nice day – windows are down) he is supposed to come in from the back. He jumps all over me, yelling - telling me to be quiet. I did not take to kindly to that, I told him he was breaking the rules, he starts his blah blah blah, I don’t know what he said but I was frustrated at this point. Maybe it is because I am tired, and irritable that I let it bother me in the first place, I should have just paid no attention to it. So I come home and I am still frustrated until I read a post on Barb C.’s blog Simply Iowa from today The Flood of '08... Prayers are needed. She is blessed with amazing writing skills and that post put me right. Why in the world do I care this man is breaking the rules, why do I feel the need to correct him when he has wronged. It is not my place and it is so insignificant it doesn't matter. So, after reading it I am good, the situation is done – bigger worries are out there.  Thank you Barb C., this would be another reason God gave you that time.

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Sharon Stewart said...

You know Jennifer, just when you think you have problems, somebody puts it all in perspective for us. It just teaches us to be thankful for what we have. Hugs to you!!