Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snowbound Block 3

Snowbound Block 3
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I finished up block 3 for the Snowbound BOM and I am not very happy with how it looks on the computer but in "real life" I like it. I have managed to waste almost 2 hours this morning doing nothing. I had intended on catching up on more cleaning but I have become unmotivated since getting home from work. I should just relax and do a little sewing but I actually don't feel like doing that either. I do however feel like planning. Which is not good because I have enough on my plate right now. I really enjoy planning out projects to do, if only I had the time to do them all. One day they will get accomplished I suppose.

I have opened the windows today. It is so nice. It is supposed to be 71 today. I am very excited. I love having the windows open. The air smells so clean.

I guess I am doing something. I am washing clothes, which with our washing machine it is a challenge. When we moved into this house 3 years ago we had to sell our fairly new washer and dryer to the lady who bought our old house because they would not fit in our laundry room. They were the best, most awesomest (I made that word up - that is how good they were) washer and dryer ever made. So I paid cash for these top of the line washer/dryer and they kept delaying the delivery. We were in our house for a month already and had no washer/dryer. I had to go over to a friends to do laundry. So finally they delayed it another month and I just told them to give me my money back. I looked around and really didn't see anything I liked. One salesman talked me into this "great" washer/dryer made by Whirpool called the Cabrio. Oh my goodness, what a nightmare they have been. Mainly the washer, it is a top load but acts like a front load, they say, it does not have an agitator. But no matter how much you put into it the clothes come out tied in knots, it is horrible.

To make matters worse for the last two months the washer stops and beeps and gives you this error code when it is filling up. You have to push pause and then start again about 6 times before it will stop beeping. The when it fills up to rinse it does it all over again. I did a little research and apparently everyone who owns this washer has the same problem. There has been no recall on the washer to fix the problem and some people have received replacement parts from Whirpool just to have it happen again. People have apparently spent hundreds to have it fixed to have the problem start all over. You cannot put it on like an extra clean cycle because it just keeps going through the same cycles over and over and never stops. So much for an energy/water efficient washer right? That is my gripe for the day and my advice for the day would be never, I mean never buy a Cabrio Washer from Whirpool.

Okay off to plan, I have wasted another half hour complaining. Thank you for listening! Have a great day!!

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