Thursday, March 11, 2010


I started cleaning on my last days off, the house, like I said, had been pretty neglected since I had been working so much. My husband is awesome, he cleans, cooks, takes care of the kids, we share every responsibility, but he works full time and doesn’t have time for the dusting, cleaning the floors etc, either. So now that have started getting my extra days off I am going room by room, dusting, baseboards, blinds, under the bed, dressers, etc.

Alice’s room is done, well as done as it can be, she has so many toys, there is only so much you can do. Natalie keeps her room in pristine condition. She doesn’t have any toys so it can look real nice.

Gordon’s room is on my list. He is my “collector”, I will not use the ugly word “hoarder.” He is also my little OCD one. I cannot tackle his room until he is here and we have time to go through each item and study it for 20 minutes, deciding the pros and cons of keeping and not keeping the item. Amazingly enough his room is orderly but has a lot to keep in order. I guess it helps that he is also a clean freak. He keeps everything but does not play with any of it because it might make a mess. He did tell me yesterday that he is ready to clean it out. So maybe this weekend we can get that done.

I had always been a clean freak. Stayed that way until having Alice and then I just could not keep up with her and the house, so I gave in. Feels better mentally but sometimes it does bother me a bit when I see dust and little “nests” of toys here and there. I have become quite lazy when it comes to cleaning and I believe it is time to change that since the kids are old enough to help out. Gordon loves to clean and he even loves to clean the toilets so why not.

I tackled my closet yesterday which had become out filing cabinet. All the papers for the last 6 months or better have been ending up in there. They pretty much took over my closet floors and shelves. I went through them all and shredded until the shredder froze up and came out with about 5 kitchen size bags of trash. The kids had even started throwing their paper trash in there. Plus we had files we had kept for ten years or better that needed to go. I even had all my leases from apartments I had lived in since I was 17, goodness I did not need those anymore. I am happy to say my closet is to my liking. I have not gone through my clothes, since none of them fit anymore I couldn’t handle the emotional aspect of cleaning those out.

Today, I have not decided what I will tackle. I wanted to clean the hardwoods and the carpets downstairs but it rained and I can’t clean them outside right now. I want to sew but I can’t until I finish cleaning. It bothers me too much knowing I have this stuff to do. Can you see where Gordon gets his OCD from? Sorry Buddy.

I also just found out my neighbors are expecting there first child, well children. She is having twins, a boy and a girl. That should be interesting. From none to two. Gordon and Alice are 19 months apart and that was a handful, I can’t imagine two at once. But I want to make them little quilts, I have until mid to late June so maybe next month I will start those.

I should go, I am procrastinating and anyway the washer is calling me, dang washer!

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