Friday, March 12, 2010

A Little Something to Brighten the Day

Today is the second day of rain. I don’t mind it makes me relax and I need to do that. Both days I did not do too much. Walked on the tread climber, worked on Gordon’s birthday quilt (It’s a surprise so I have to work on it when he is not at home.) Did some laundry and pretty much nothing else, it has been nice but I do feel rather guilty, especially after telling you I had so much cleaning to do.  This evening we are ordering pizza/wings and Gordon and I are going to work on his room.


What is that, you ask.

That is a picture of sixteen 1/2 yard cuts of some of the cutest fabric ever. I know, I know, you say that better not be new fabric. But it is. Gordon and I were on this website and he helped me pick out a couple bundles. I think I am going to blame it on him and my husband for agreeing it was a good idea to get it. Yes, I will blame both of them. I would not have ordered it if they would have talked me out of it. Darn, men.

Well, I must be off – Gordon is having conniptions waiting for me to clean his room.

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