Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day!

Okay I was a little confused. Thought Earth Day was Wednesday only to find out, after spending all day at the kids school, it was actually yesterday. Sorry – I am not sure if it is the age thing or the lack of sleep thing.

Hope everyone is having a great day. I am off to have lunch with Gordon today. Yesterday was Alice’s day. I was telling my friend Janet I saw Natalie in the cafeteria while eating with Alice and went over to say hello. I can tell she is growing up, she didn’t beg me to sit with her, all I got was “Why are you here?” Oh man, just the other day she asked me what makes kids not want to spend time with their parents, she said she didn’t understand that – I guess she does now. Boo-hoo. It was bound to happen. But, I still have two who want me around, at least for a little bit longer!! I will bug them until  I get the “Why are you here?”.

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