Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad Bad Blogger!

Life has taken a hold of me and will not let up. Where does the time go? So much I want to do and not enough time to do it all. Plus, not having batteries for my camera has left me feeling lost.

It is amazing how I have missed my camera. I was like an addict this morning waiting for 7am to come around to I could rush to the store to get batteries after work. I walked into the store and stared at all the batteries for some time, trying to find the best ones, the ones that would last more than four days. I really should invest in a better camera. I have tried the rechargeable batteries but they last such a short time it is not worth the fuss. With Earth Day just yesterday it should have been a reminder that all my battery usage is not good for the environment. I am sad and embarrassed to say it does not affect my thinking process when it comes to my batteries. Shame on me.

Speaking of environments, I wanted to show you some interesting characters that have been hanging around our house.010

First I will gross you out. I do not like grubs, I am not scared of them, I just plain hate them. At our old house I was quite obsessed with growing Fescue grass in our yard. If anyone knows about grass, fescue is a cool weather grass, not a perfect fit for Central North Carolina. But I like green grass, all year long and I battled daily to get it to grow. It was easier there because our yard was so very tiny, not too much to work with. We had originally put sod down on our yard, the grubs totally infested it, we had plenty of plants/trees for the Japanese Beetles to munch on in our yard and some moron invented the little baggies to hang in your yard to catch them in. Never buy those things, if you do put them in your neighbors yard who doesn’t care about their grass. Why you ask?  Because they are an open invitation for the Japanese Beetles to come to your yard and lay there stinking little grubby eggs in your grass. So they ruined my yard, you could just pull the grass up in strips because they had chewed all the roots up. At our present home I still insist on fescue grass. The grass makers are coming up with these fancy new hybrid grasses that is actually making it a little easier to grow here. The other day Gordon and I were planting his tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, and we came upon an entire settlement of the largest grubs I have ever seen. These suckers were like 4 inches long. I usually stab at them like a crazy person but I decided these guys were much to large. Gordon and I collected them and he through them in the woods across the street. I am sure we will be seeing them in their flying form around June or July. Anyway, I will make you wait no longer – here they are:natalie 001

Pretty nasty aye. Now for a more pleasant picture. Gordon with his tomatoes. We have to put them in a bucket because our little bunny friend eats them if they are in the ground. They also enjoy cucumber plants as we found out. We will be purchasing more of those this weekend.natalie 004

Then we have this little guy, well I should say big guy. He is about 7-8 inches long. Very hefty fellow. We have scads of lizards but this guy is the biggest by far.003 Then there are our new babies. Yes they have hatched. I surely hope I didn’t get too close for the picture. I don’t think I did, I hope I didn’t. Here they are – the cuties!006

And since we are talking about gardening and stuff I finally finished my 1st block of the Gardeners Journal quilt I am doing with Chookyblue and all the other fantastic stitchers at It is from the book A Gardener’s Journal by Anni Downs.Stitch-a-long

Here is my first block":011



I also finished up two little cuties this past week. I am working on their purses and when I finish they will be available on my Etsy shop. They are so cute!!016

I am hoping to catch up on a few more things this week. I have to work several extra days this week so it will definitely cut into my sewing time, darn work! :)




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