Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess what I did today??

I will give you a hint:

fabric2 001

Here is another hint:002 Yeah, I was bad. Janet and I went to a couple quilt shops in Fayetteville we had not been to. The first shop I was really good, only chose fat quarters from the sale room.

At the second shop we went to in downtown Fayetteville I was not so good. We went to Quilts ‘n Tiques and there was soooo many good things. As you can see I got a couple stitchery patterns from Lakadaisies, and look at the farm yard “toile like” fabric. Gorgeous. I have not been to a quilt store in soo long and it was great, they had all the fabrics I love, 30’s, 40’s, Civil War, Moda, Homespuns, and awesome patterns of all kinds, I could just go on and on. And everyone there was incredibly sweet. I cannot wait until I have money to go back, even though I do not need any more fabric it will be nice to visit. They also have a website for more info: Go visit the shop and enjoy the yumminess!!!

It was funny when I walked in I thought I recognized someone in the back of the store and sure enough it was some friends of ours. I ran through the store before they saw me and jumped them from behind with a big hug. It was Sharon, Evette and Laura. Wow, how fun.

We had to cut the trip short though because we had to go pick the kids up from school. Of course we were a little late – but not the last ones in carpool – let me tell you we heard about it from them though.

So I did a load of laundry and cut the grass so I don’t feel too guilty about buying more fabric, plus my husband is so awesome, he said I shouldn’t feel guilty!! Love that man!!

Janet also gave me more homespuns – she is so generous – look at these pretty fabrics!!!003   That’s all for today and what a great day it was. I am off to fondle my fabric and eat chicken wings, but not at the same time!! :)



Lee said...

Jennifer, sounds like you and Janet have had some fun. More new shops are opening up in the area. Catch you later. Lee

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Hey Lee - thanks for visiting - Have you found time for me yet!! :)