Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Showing signs of age

Yesterday I was busy, too busy. I cut the grass, hand watered the gardens, power washed (3 times) the back screen porch.  We have not been using the screen porch, just the front. It has not been cleaned in the 3 years since the home was built. The porch sits in the shade so not only was it covered with an inch of pollen but also had mold on it. I was outside yesterday from 8 until about 1:30, and what a beautiful day it was. I cleaned the furniture from the front porch and put it on the back porch. I decided to let the little bird have some peace, every time we go out she flies away and I was thinking it was becoming quite stressful for her. Now we can hang out in the back and not bother her, plus summer is coming (it comes here quite early) and it gets pretty hot on the front side.

Now I am in pain. Carrying furniture, cleaning with the power washer, mowing, it has taken a toll on this old gal. My back hurts so bad I didn’t think I would be able to get up this morning. So now I will rest, I have work tonight so maybe just sitting all night will help to rest it.

Natalie’s “Pocket Gnomes” have been finished up for a couple nights. I took a picture of them this morning all lined up. They are cute, she did a great job, I am so proud of her.

001 Aren’t they adorable? So colorful!

All for now, my dolls did not get clothed last night, I was too pooped. Maybe tomorrow. Have a great day!!

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