Friday, April 9, 2010

Gnomes – Gnomes and more Gnomes!


Natalie has a project coming up in school where they have to make items for trade. They have to promote their items and make them most desirable so everyone will want to trade with them.001

Yesterday instead of making the dolls I wanted to make she asked if we could work on her project. We had to figure out what we wanted to make and insure they didn’t take too long to make. We came up with the idea of gnomes. So we sat down and drew pictures and finally came up with the perfect one. It started out very elaborate with feet, hands, decorations on them, etc, but after sewing together thirty of them we decided to cut out the fanciness. We will make prettier ones to sell she said. She is excited because we consider it “our” pattern.  We gave them little felt faces.005  Natalie did an awesome job sewing.003 Lots of scraps were flying. By the way, we tried to only use scraps for the gnomes.007

Lots of sewing later: 002

We had these little guys:008

We came up with a little jingle for what we call our “Pocket Gnomes”, it is sung to the rhythm from the song “So Yummy in my Tummy” on the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba. If you have never seen it – it is hilarious, I think the producers/actors are all on some type of serious hallucinogens or something.  Anyway it goes:

There’s a gnome in my pocket – so gnome-y – so gnome-y.

A Pocket Gnome in my pocket – so gnome-y – so gnome-y.

Okay that probably makes no sense unless you have seen the show but we are giggling.

Today we had to do some running around so on the journey we went into this new “thrift” type store. Apparently they say they buy overstock items but it is next door to the Guardian Angel Thrift Store so I think they just take the new items and items with tags and put it in this little store. Anyway, I heard from a friend they had brand new quilt shop fat quarters. The pickings were pretty slim but this is what I found, and they were only $1.05 each. Great way to soothe a fabric fix!  010Have a super weekend!

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