Friday, April 30, 2010

What not to do with an open bottle of Mountain Dew.

I learned what not to do with a bottle of Mountain Dew when you are not sure it is closed. You do not put it into your purse that holds your camera, cell phone, wallet and redwork stitchery you have been working on for two days. Yes I have to admit I did this. Yesterday I had a very long day, I got off of work at 7am, waited for the pet store to open at 9am and then went to volunteer at Natalie’s classroom, took Gordon to gymnastics at 6:30pm and as we were getting out of the car I threw the Mountain Dew bottle in my purse, I figured I needed the caffeine to keep me going. When we got inside we sat down and I put my purse on my lap. I thought, wow it feels wet. And then it began dripping all over the place, I ran it into the bathroom and emptied the contents in the sink, everything was soaked.

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I was able to rinse the stitchery and iron it, it is fine now. But, the camera and cell phone are dead. So, I am pretty much screwed. We do not have the money to replace either one.  We just renewed our cell phones and got new ones so we still have another year before we can do that again. My old cell phone is somewhere in the house, Alice and Gordon play with our old ones, but  mine is missing and Gordon says he now is not sure where the other one is. Uggh! And I just got the camera back from having it repaired. Natalie was nice enough to say I could borrow hers if I needed to.

One sleep deprived mistake and it changes my world. I suppose it could be worse but I am a little bummed. I am going to the cell phone store tomorrow to see if the insurance we have on them will cover my mistake. Keep your fingers crossed!

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