Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great News!

I found my old cell phone and took it to the store yesterday. I did have insurance also, but I would have had to wait up to 30 days and pay a deductable to use it. I used my old cell phone, it took him two minutes to program it and I was done.  I am so happy. Unfortunately the camera is done, but I was always yelling at that silly thing anyway. I will get a good one eventually.

I was able to rinse out my stitchery and finished it up yesterday. No signs of mountain dew. I believe this is my favorite one thus far. I enjoyed watching it come to life as I was stitching it. Very neat.Redwork Quilt 001 The birds are getting so big on the front porch, they can barely fit in their nest.  The picture is a little fuzzy, Natalie’s camera does not take the greatest pictures. All the poop in the next is pretty disgusting, I can’t wait to get it cleaned off.may 1 002 All for now, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. My hubby keeps bugging me to go to bed since I have to work tonight. Night all - Jennifer

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