Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Project

Okay – I know what you are thinking, “A New project, is she crazy, finish what you already started!” Technically, I had started this project years ago.

Here is a little history of the project. My father-in-law gave me a box of old quilt blocks many moons ago. They apparently were for two different quilts. One set, pictured below, were 9 patches, secured with a thread in groups of 10, with a few left over, totaling 194 blocks. They are all hand pieced.007

The paper with them states they were made by Ma & Grandma Burns.014 The paper also says Remberts quilt pieces. I did find a picture from the family web site with a picture of Rembert. The family has passed down the same names for some time so I do not know if this is the correct Rembert. He is on the right, first row. Now this picture was taken in 1926 so that is why I am not sure if he is the right onw, Martha Burns had been in the grave 2 years by the time this picture was taken.05

They are sitting on the steps of the family farm house. Which the family still owns. Here it is in 2007, all the land is the families also. Nice, wish I could live there.LVF_Ice_storm_2_14_07

I still need to do a little homework to find out who is who. My father-in-law is coming down for the night this weekend, I will try to dig it out of him.

I began hand piecing the blocks, again, many years ago. They were looking like this:005

But, the blocks are not very straight and it was getting frustrating and I ended up not liking the fabrics I chose to go with them. When I pulled them out this time, I paired them with a gray Bonnie Blue fabric with tiny stars. I like it much better. I like how it shows off the colors in the blocks.


I sewed a long time last night and about an hour this morning, I have a lot done. I believe I only have 11 more blocks to go. I ran out of thread and decided to take a break, then back to work. They ended up 12 1/2” 9 patch blocks. I am going to  sew them 6 across and 7 down, I believe I am going to add a small 2-inch border and then a 4-inch border onto that.  Here is my mess:


Antique quilt 001

Antique quilt 005

The second set is below: My favorite block of all time!!! I cannot wait to get started on these. Mostly black and white fabrics, a little color thrown in here and there. I cannot remember how many there are or there measurement, I think they are 6-inch blocks. I do not want to get too much into them until I have the other quilt sewn together.008The paper with them, seen below, states who made the blocks. Martha Burns died when she was in her late 90’s, if I am remembering correctly. I do not know if she is Ma or Grandma from the first set of blocks, I believe she was Grandma.014 I have been busy, and it is so much fun, my back is a little achey but it is oh so worth it.

I did finish up block 5 of the Willowberry Designs free BOM, here is Wilma and Wayney Whale!!Under the Sea 001 Back to work, only a couple hours left before I get the kids. Have a great day!!!




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