Saturday, May 15, 2010

Block #3


Last night I tried a different method of applique for my War & Pieces quilt.  I will eventually find the method that makes me happy. I prepped the pieces with freezer paper. I traced the shapes reversed on the dull side of the freezer paper and then cut them out on the drawn lines. Then I ironed the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric. I ironed the seam allowance onto the dull side of the freezer paper and use a little starch on a paint brush, then ironed it. After I had completed all the pieces I then used a small amount of fabric basting glue and basted the pieces where they went (I used a light box to position the pieces). I then machine zigzagged stitched the pieces down. It turned out great but it was a little tricky with a single layer of freezer paper.

This is my husbands favorite block. He collects wheat pennies/Lincoln cents and we have a ton of Lincoln pictures, etc. Gordon on the other hand says this block looks silly because Lincoln looks like a monkey. Can’t please everyone I suppose.

Here is the history behind this block. It was inspired from one from a sampler in the Shelburn Museum's collection. It says “the quilter must have seen the illustration in Harper’s Weekly, May 27, 1861, just a month or so after the war began. That drawing is based on a photograph that Matthew Brady took of the new president, whose election infuriated the South so much that cotton states began seceding within weeks of the Republican victory.

They added Mary Lincoln in an evening dress. Mrs. Lincoln was quite fashionable and, of course, she spent far too much on clothing. She is a much maligned historical figure, who had difficulty dealing with all the burdens she had to bear.

The scalloped border on the bottom of this block appears often in antique quilts and seems to represent the ground or floor.”

Here is my block":


So another history lesson for you and another block finished for me.

Don’t worry I will not bore you with another lesson tomorrow. We have a busy day today and I will not be sewing this evening. Also, I am back to work tomorrow after having a full week off.

Have a great day, I will be trying to stay inside since it is so hot here today.



Veronica said...

Happy birthday! late how much I regret not time to say hello! Well we pretend that today is your day!! A big love from Argentina.Vero

Michelle said...

I am just beginning to do applique and our instructor is having us use Steam and Seam 2. I love it.. This may be easier to use???? Not sure but worth a try. It is similar to the freezer paper, but has the fusing on it already.


Michelle said...

Oh, and happy birthday. You and I share the same birthday, however I am a few (3) years older. I love this day!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Vero - thank you for the birthday wishes. Love Jennifer

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Michelle - Happy belated birthday to you!! I have used the steam and seam 2 also, I like it also. Thank you!!!! :)