Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was set up!!!!

I took Alice to her friends birthday party at the bowling alley today. When we were coming home Natalie called me and was insisting on finding out how many minutes it would be before I got home, saying she was oh so bored. I thought nothing of it until I was driving down the street and saw balloons and a big signs in front of our yard. “Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40!” Alice kept saying “What is going on?”  and I kept saying “I have been set up!!!” My friend Janet’s truck was in the driveway so I knew she was here. When we came in the door they all screamed surprise and the whole downstairs was decorated. And then Evette, Sharon, Kim, Laura and Pam all pulled into the driveway.025026I am still grinning from ear to ear. My cheeks hurt from smiling. I have never had a surprise party before, and never a surprise Stitch-in Party. 034We all stitched, most were working on wool appliqué I was too happy and excited to stitch on anything.035

My kids shocked me, they have know for about 2 1/2 weeks or more and kept the secret the whole time. I would have been bursting at the seams. They helped my husband and Janet set everything up. They all worked so hard. I am so truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and wonderful friends.040Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I love you all!028Evette gave me a great sketch journal and a very pretty pin cushion!045Sharon gave me the most wonderful jar filled with great treasures!!! I didn’t want to take anything out – it was so pretty, but Alice helped me unpack it!!!


She made the pin cushion from an antique handkerchief she found – isn’t it awesome!!!!051My family is all worn out now. I am so happy – I feel so very special!!

Have a great rest of the night or day, depending on where you are. I am off to try and maybe do some sewing or just lay around smiling, feeling really loved!


Jeanne said...

I am so glad that you had such a nice birthday. If you haven't visited the 2010 tea group lately. There are several birthday wishes there for you.

Happy birthday

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Jeanne!!! I have been slacking on following the group - I am so sorry!!! I miss you gals!!